Randy Dunnett : Baseball Coach

Randy Dunnett is a Chicago native and baseball coach who played four years of college ball in the 1990s. In 1999 he turned pro, signing with the Cook County Cheetahs. Randy Dunnett found his niche in coaching in 2000, even before he retired as an active ballplayer. He has been a coach and private instructor every year since then.

In 2004 Randy Dunnett(baseball coach) opened Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex. “We run a very strong program that focuses on providing the very best environment for young players to learn and play baseball,” Randy Dunnett says. “We have had dozens of players finish our high school program and move on to college baseball, and every year we produce more of these success stories.” The Force Elite Baseball Club branched off of Finish Strong in 2011. “Each year I have grown my program and currently I have nine teams that play for my organization.”

Randy Dunnet, a hard-throwing right-handed pitcher, remains an avid player as well as a coach and instructor. “I have played men’s baseball since 2006 in the Chicago Men’s Senior Baseball League, and I have played in several national baseball tournaments in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jupiter, Florida, and Phoenix, Arizona.”

As a coach, Randy Dunnett has had dozens of players make it to the college level, and has had several professional players consult with him about their skills. Through Finish Strong Force Elite Baseball he has been a service provider to many outside teams. The program trains teams and players that play for several organizations, and also consults with coaches to help them enhance their coaching ability.


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