Randy Dunnett: A Dedicated Coach

Randy Dunnett is a dedicated baseball coach who has helped young ballplayers develop their diamond skills since 2000. He is currently the co-owner of the Force Elite Baseball Club in West Chicago, Illinois. Force Elite grew out of the Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex, a multi-sport training facility that specializes in baseball and soccer training.

Randy Dunnett(baseball player) began his coaching career in 2000 at Jack Perconte Sports, where he mentored young talent for four years. “I started my own indoor baseball program and opened Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex in 2004 after I finished coaching in minor league baseball that year,” Randy Dunnett recalls. “From the ground up I built my own client base, and in 2007 I started to run my own baseball teams.”

Randy Dunnett’s program grew steadily over several years. At present he has nine teams playing for his organization. “We run a very strong program that focuses on providing the very best environment for young players to learn and play baseball,” he says. “We have had dozens of players finish our high school program and move on to college baseball, and every year we produce more of these success stories.”

Randy Dunnett still enjoys donning his uniform and getting on the diamond as a player. Since 2006, he has played men’s baseball in the Chicago Men’s Senior Baseball League. He has also played in several national baseball tournaments in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jupiter, Florida, and Phoenix, Arizona. Randy Dunnett even had a brief comeback as a professional player. He signed with the Schaumburg Flyers for the final twenty games of the 2007 season.


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