Randy Dunnett: Player and Coach

Randy Dunnett(professional coach) has coached and mentored thousands of promising young baseball players during his nearly fifteen years as a professional coach and instructor. It is one of the most personally satisfying aspects of what he does, and it has even benefitted him professionally.

Randy Dunnett played baseball in college at South Suburban College for two seasons, before transferring to Belmont University, where he played ball and also earned a degree in Business Administration. He signed to play with the Cook County Cheetahs, but switched to coaching in the 2000 season. He worked as a coach and instructor at Jack Perconte Sports before opening the Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex in 2004. Finish Strong is a multi-sport training facility that specializes in baseball and soccer training. Randy Dunnett launched Force Elite Baseball in 2011.

Randy Dunnett met his current business partner when he was one of Randy Dunnett’s students. “When he was 14 his father passed away and I became a big part of his life,” Randy Dunnett recalls. “Once he graduated from college and finished his college baseball career he came home, and we created Force Elite Baseball Club in 2011. There are countless young ballplayers that I have helped in this manner.”

Even while he was coaching and teaching baseball, Randy Dunnett kept playing. “In 2006 I began playing baseball in the Chicago Central Men’s Senior Baseball League. In 2007, after being retired from professional baseball for seven years, I signed a minor league contract to pitch for the Schaumburg Flyers professional baseball team.” But coaching seems to be Randy Dunnett’s true calling. “As a coach I have had dozens of players make it to the college level, and I have several professional players who consult with me about their skills.”


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