Randy Dunnett: Force Elite Baseball

Randy Dunnett is currently a Co-Owner of Force Elite Baseball, LLC, an organization that provides professional instruction to both aspiring and experienced baseball players in Chicago, Illinois. As a leader of the Force Elite Baseball, Randy Dunnett is committed to providing expert baseball instruction, guidance and mentorship to players seeking to improve their skills and become better teammates on the field.

Randy Dunnett helped found the Force Elite Baseball Club in 2011, branching off from his already well-established and renowned Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex. The Sportsplex, an indoor baseball program, was created in 2004, and has grown steadily since its inception. Randy Dunnett has been able to grow his organization through years of professional-grade baseball instruction and a commitment to improving the quality of the game.

The Force Elite Baseball training facility encompasses over 32,000 square feet, and is one of the premiere baseball training arenas in the Chicago area. Randy Dunnett(business owner) brings a wealth of playing and coaching experience to the leadership of Force Elite, which continues to grow in popularity and renown. The well-trained and experienced professional staff at Force Elite continue to accommodate players from all skill levels, players at multiple stages in their careers. Randy Dunnett is optimistic about the organization’s future, and about his ability to provide expert instruction for many years to come.

Each Force Elite Professional, much like Randy Dunnett, has experience at either the high school, college or professional baseball level, providing students the chance to receive high-quality insight and special knowledge of the game and its various components.


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