Randy Dunnett: Entrepreneur

Randy Dunnett isn’t only an expert on the game of baseball, nor is he simply a skilled and trusted baseball instructor. Yes, Randy Dunnett has experienced much success in the game of baseball, and has been a positive influence on thousands of young players throughout the Chicagoland area, but few may not realize that he is also an experienced and successful business owner.

Randy Dunnett began his foray into the professional business community in 2004 with the opening of the Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex. The Sportsplex provided prospective baseball players from all over the Chicago the opportunity to benefit from professional baseball instruction, and to build and hone their skills into useful tools for competition. Randy Dunnett provided expert business management and leadership to the organization, which quickly flourished and became one of the most respected baseball academies in City of Chicago.

Randy Dunnett was able to parlay his Sportsplex success into the opening of the Force Elite Baseball Club, LLC, now a leading provider of baseball instruction in the State of Illinois. Randy Dunnett successfully turned his experience with and knowledge of the game into a profitable entrepreneurial opportunity, one that continues to grow and receive accolades from many within the baseball community.

Randy Dunnett’s enthusiastic approach to business operation, and to his services, has established him as a successful member of the business community. By combining his love for the game with his strong business acumen, Randy Dunnett(business acumen) was able to see his dreams to fruition, and to become a force for innovation and inspiration amongst entrepreneurs in the Chicago area.


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