Randy Dunnett: A Strong Coaching and Playing Background

Randy Dunnett(longtime Baseball Player) is a longtime Baseball Player and coach who has made for himself a nice career out of baseball. Receiving his Bachelors of Business Administration from Belmont University, Randy Dunnett was able to combine his love of baseball with his business acumen to make a great sports complex. Randy Dunnett Is truly a great coach who understands the game of baseball. A number of Major league players and former players recognize what a great coach Randy Dunnett is.

Donn Pall understands pitching. He was a pitcher for ten years with the Chicago White Sox. He takes his son there because he knows that it is a great place for player to learn. “Thank you for all your help working with my son, Mark. I have full confidence in the things Randy Dunnett and his staff are teaching him to excel as a pitcher.”- Donn Pall

Randy Dunnett started coaching because he knew when he retired, that he wanted to have a lasting impact on the game. He did not want to be the Professional player who retired and then left the sport. He wanted to stay involved in baseball for the rest of his life and so begin coaching as soon as he could.

Randy Dunnett began coaching in 2000 with Jack Perconte Sports. As a coach there till 2004 he was able to help many athletes. From those beginnings Randy Dunnett was able to grow a successful sports complex and coaching career. He was so well-regarded that in 2007 he was asked to go back and pitch in the minor leagues again.


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