Coach and Mentor: Randy Dunnett

A dedicated coach and Mentor, Randy Dunnett is great at what he does partially because he refuses to take half measures. He is dedicated to helping people become better players and better people. His current business partner, Andrew Elke was a student of his. Randy Dunnett became is friend and mentor and when Andrew graduated collage he came back and together they opened Force elite baseball club in 2011.

Randy Dunnett has had a number of students who he made a huge impact on including college student Jeff Konrad, “Finish Strong Sports Complex and the Force Elite baseball program have been key to my growth, maturation, and development as a player, mentor, and a man.”

In addition Randy Dunnett has been a coach and mentor to current MLB players like Ryan Court of the Arizona Diamondbacks. He found the programs and coaches so good that during the offseason he would drive 45 minutes every day to get to the Force Elite Baseball facility. Young students excel with Randy Dunnett as their coach. Older student and professionals alike recognize Randy Dunnett’s coaching ability and work hard so they can learn more from him.

A professional who pays attention to details is the type of coach you will get in Randy Dunnett. In baseball a lot hangs on the details and Randy Dunnett really has an eye for them. He can see many things which others do not catch. Those are just a couple of the qualities which make Randy Dunnett such a great coach.


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