Randy Dunnett: Businessman/Coach

Starting his business was not an easy achievement and yet it has been the most rewarding experience of his life. Randy Dunnett had to fight for everything. In 2004 Randy Dunnett was a minor league pitching coach. After the minor league season was over, Randy Dunnett opened Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex. He built the business piece by piece, often times struggling and yet loving his life. The Sportsplex is available to anyone and is a great resource for the Westside of Chicago.

In 2007 Randy Dunnett begun running his own baseball teams. These teams compete with other club teams throughout the area and help young athletes be involved in the sport outside of their school. That program has seen tremendous growth and there is a bright future ahead for the program. The program is strong enough that many college recruiters come by for practice and games along with having scouting days. The facility itself is for all ages and is used by young athletes and older Athletes alike. The coaches help all levels of players obtain their goals.

In 2011 Randy Dunnett(long-time professional) started Force Elite baseball which is a baseball training program that utilizes the Finish Strong complex. He started this program with former student and protégé Andrew Elke. Together they have grown the program and today have 9 teams. Those teams compete at a high level and correctly use the games as a way of learning and becoming a better player.

It has been a long road for Randy Dunnett to get where he is today and yet he persevered. He grew through teaching and coaching and has made relationships with many people and they all say the same, Randy Dunnett is a great coach and mentor.


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