Moving Your Game to the Next Level, with Randy Dunnett

Baseball may seem like a simple game to some, but for those who have played, coached or taught the game, baseball is a complex, strategy-filled and challenging contest, one that entails a variety of skillsets, athletic abilities and strong mental acuity. Randy Dunnett, professional baseball instructor at the Force Elite Baseball Club, LLC in Chicago, understands this all too well, and works with players of all skill levels to improve their understanding and enhance their baseball acumen.

Randy Dunnett has been involved in the game of baseball, in one form or another, for nearly two decades, and understands that player improvement and skill enhancement just don’t happen overnight. Each player, as Randy Dunnett understands, has unique instructional needs, and learns the game at their own pace and in their own time. With instruction that focuses on the needs of the individual player, the Force Elite Baseball Club is able to heighten each player’s awareness of both their strengths and weaknesses, and to provide the comprehensive training they need to jump into the next level.

Randy Dunnett has played, coach and taught baseball at multiple levels, and brings his wealth of experience to the Force Elite table. He began Force Elite, along with Andrew Elke, in 2011 with the intention of providing Chicago-area players a chance to make real strides and improvements in their game. Randy Dunnett continues to succeed in his mission, and to give players the focus they need to become better and more focused competitors. For more information on Randy Dunnett(coach and taught baseball) or the Force Elite difference visit today.


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