Baseball Expert: Randy Dunnett

Randy Dunnett has a deep love and knowledge of baseball. Throughout his career, he has developed in-depth understandings of sportsmanship, fundamentals, and approaches in the game of baseball. Randy Dunnett has experience both playing and coaching minor league baseball. He has been deeply connected to the world of baseball for decades now, and has accrued an invaluable comprehension of the sport.

This experience has shown him that in-depth knowledge of the strategy and fundamentals of baseball can be the difference between a good player and a great player. Randy Dunnett knows how to guide good players into becoming great players, through focused attention to the game’s fundamentals.

Without a foundation in the fundamentals of the sport, players cannot perform the quick reactions needed in a dynamic and fast-paced sport like baseball. Baseball requires both physical and mental strength, a fact that Randy Dunnett has incorporated into his own training for decades. By understanding the nuances of the game and having a solid foundation in fundamentals, a player will be able to rise to the challenge of unexpected moments in the game and succeed on the field.   In his own career, Randy Dunnett has worked hard to acquire an expert knowledge of baseball from both sides of the sport—playing and coaching. Now, he works one-on-one with players to teach the intricacies of baseball and improve fundamentals to make them into the most competitive players possible. As one of the owners of Force Elite Baseball Club, Randy Dunnett’s expert instruction and mentorship is based on decades of playing and coaching baseball.


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