Randy Dunnett: Chicago Small Business Owner

Randy Dunnett is a Chicago native, and upon returning to the city of his youth, his dedication to and connection with the community has only increased. Because he grew up here, Randy Dunnett knows about Chicago’s rich sports history and hopes to establish himself as a part of that history. He works with teams all over the Chicago area to help improve the sport of baseball and the players he trains.

In 2004, Randy Dunnett developed Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex, an indoor baseball facility. The Sportsplex is available to anyone, which makes it a great resource for the Westside of Chicago. For Randy Dunnett, being a business owner means investing in the community, so it only made sense to build a facility that would provide high quality baseball facility access to the general public of Chicago.

After working with thousands of players, Randy Dunnett has clearly become a leading provider of baseball instruction in Chicago as well as the state of Illinois at large. This is truly baseball training by and for Chicagoans, and Randy Dunnett has shown over and over his dedication to the community he works with. By developing state of the art baseball training facilities conveniently located in west Chicago, Randy Dunnett is doing his part to give Chicago baseball players a cutting edge advantage on the field.

The windy city’s fast-paced lifestyle and the energy of Chicagoans is a perfect match for Randy Dunnett’s energetic approach to baseball and business. Randy Dunnett established Force Elite Baseball Club in 2011 as an extension of the Sportsplex. Randy Dunnett is proud to live and work in Chicago and continues to show his commitment to his community every day.


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