Randy Dunnett: Training Coaches

coaches to help them enhance their coaching skills. Training young players in the skills and strategies of the sport and teaching the art of coaching require two very different approaches, but Randy Dunnett brings his dedication and experience to helping coaches become better at their role on the field. We rarely hear about the work coaches have to do to become great leaders on the field, but Randy Dunnett knows that the foundation of a good team is a good coach.

Randy Dunnett specializes in team management, which is at its core about strategically positioning players to show off their skills. The same is true for coaches. All coaches have strengths and weaknesses that must be negotiated to give them the best chance of leading their team to success. It is important to recognize the amount of pressure coaches work under, and as a minor league coach and trainer for thousands of young players, Randy Dunnett can relate to this pressure and give coaches skills to cope with those scenarios.

In all of his training programs, Randy Dunnett emphasizes the mental aspects of the sport. He trains his students in the strategies and mechanics of baseball as part of his comprehensive training style. When training coaches, he addresses every aspect of coaching, from team management to strategy development to game scenario drills. Randy Dunnett’s leadership fosters positive relationships between coaches, and during their training coaches develop and grow as leaders for their own teams.


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