Randy Dunnett: Force Elite Baseball Men’s Workouts

While Randy Dunnett has been successful at managing a business career, a coaching career, and continued to play baseball, he knows that not everyone can commit to playing on a team for a whole season. However, he believes that the Chicago community should still have access to an energetic, fun workout space. Baseball lovers now have access to high quality training without the pressure of belonging to a team.

Randy Dunnett’s organization, Force Elite Baseball Club, is home to nine teams, and is known for its group and private classes that casn train players at any level. Force Elite Baseball Club also has Men’s Workout sessions that are open to the public. No registration is required for these workouts, so you can pay as you go. Randy Dunnett is committed to the Chicago area community, and is proud to provide a clubhouse atmosphere for one and a half hour training sessions. He also knows that affordability is important, so he only charges $20 per session.

During the Men’s Workouts, Randy Dunnett and his team at Force Elite Baseball Club stretch, play catch, take a ton of fungos, turn some double plays, and finish with a round of BP. In a state of the art atmosphere, people from Chicago can workout in an energetic environment and meet new people. Developing this kind of community space has been a goal of Randy Dunnett’s for years, and he has built it from the ground up. Randy Dunnett is known for being one of the top baseball-training providers in the Chicago area, and now he is offering Chicago’s best value baseball training.


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