Randy Dunnett: Playing and Coaching

For Randy Dunnett, it’s all about playing baseball. And coaching it. He grew up playing baseball in the Chicago area, and by the time he got out of high school was good enough to make the team at South Suburban Community College, where he played for two years. After completing that second year, Randy Dunnett transferred to Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, where he not only made the baseball team again but devoted himself to completing work on his degree, which he received in 1999. Randy Dunnett graduated from Belmont with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

Right out of college, he signed a contract to play professional baseball with the Cook County Cheetahs of the Frontier League in suburban Chicago. Two years later he retired – for good, he thought – and began devoting himself to coaching.

Randy Dunnett had already begun working as a coach at Jack Perconte Sports, a job he held for four years. “I began instructing in 2000 while in the offseason before the 2001 season,” he says. “I have been a coach and private instructor every year since then, and at my own academy since 2004.”

Whenever he watched baseball, though, Randy Dunnett felt like he could probably get on the field himself as a solid contributor to a team. “Inside my head I was always saying I could be doing this,” he admitted. But “in my mind, I wasn’t going back to being a player again.”

But then he did. In 2007 he had the chance to close out the season with the Schaumburg Flyers, and agreed to suit up to pitch for them as needed over the final twenty games of the season. He pitched sixteen innings in relief over seven games and wound up with a rather inflated 7.0 earned run average.

Randy Dunnett hasn’t played as a pro since then, but is a regular in the Chicago Central Men’s Senior Baseball League.


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