How Randy Dunnett Found His Life’s Purpose

When it comes to many people who want to live out their dreams, Randy Dunnett got a start on his at an early age. He had always wanted to be a professional baseball player. He loved the sport and obsessed over it throughout the day, which led to the eventual progression in his own personal skills. These skills would take him to the professional career he had always dreamed of, and then beyond.

After graduating from high school, he enrolled at South Suburban Community College in South Holland, Illinois. He played for their baseball team throughout his schooling there, before eventually transferring to Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. There, he received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and played on their baseball team throughout the completion of his degree. He graduated in 1999 and moved back to Illinois.


His first post-graduate endeavor in the real world was the one he had exactly been looking for. He signed on to play for the Cook County Cheetahs, who were on the rise and had just been admitted into the Frontier League.

He played for two years before hanging up the cleats and taking on coaching as a professional endeavor. He had decided that he found a niche in pushing his sport through instilling his seasoned skills in younger players so they could carry the torch and perhaps make it shine brighter. He is now the owner of Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex and co-owner of Force Elite Baseball Club, which started in 2011.


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