Randy Dunnett’s Dream Job


As a young child, Randy Dunnett always wanted to play professional baseball. He obsessed over the game throughout the day and dreamed about it throughout the night. Throughout this devotion he developed true skills that he knew would one day take him to the next level, so he decided to capitalize on them He played in the little leagues and for his primary school teams before going off to college, where he played for South Suburban and eventually Belmont University.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 1999, but didn’t go into business right away. Instead, he kept his dream alive by signing with the Cook County Cheetahs. The Cheetahs had a successful year prior and were moved into the Frontier League, which was a big step in Randy Dunnett’s baseball career. He played for two years before retiring in 2001.


By then, he had committed to a coaching career with Jack Perconte Sports, which he held for four years before transferring to the Windy City Thunderbolts. At the time it seemed as if Randy Dunnett’s playing days were over; however in 2007 he was asked to play in the final twenty games of the season with the Schaumburg Flyers.

Now, he continues to pursue his talent in a number of ways, but mainly on influencing the dreams of future generations in baseball, and letting them know anything can come true if they keep working towards it. He is the founder of the Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex and the founder of the Force Elite Baseball Team.


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