Randy Dunnett’s Training Programs

Randy Dunnett’s life has revolved around the sport of baseball. As a spectator, player and coach he has a seasoned knowledge of the sport that comes from a variety of angles. This has enabled him to create spectacular training programs at his training facility, Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex.


As a collegiate-level athlete, he was a star player for his teams at South Suburban Community College and Belmont University. He became known as an exemplary leader on and off the field. He did well in his academics and had a knack for education that eventually transcended into his coaching career. This enabled him to form a number of comprehensive and progressive training programs that have altered the performance of young players who wanted to isolate their most gifted talents and maximize their potential.

In 2000, his career as a private instructor started at Jack Perconte Sports Academy. This eventually led to his promotion as pitching coach for the Windy City Thunderbolts. He then opened up the Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex in the suburbs of Chicago, which invited local soccer and baseball talent to come out and hone their skills.

The programs at Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex are specialized in hitting and pitching. With his extensive experience in both, he is able to help young and minor league players tune their abilities to work better to their advantage. His experience as a pitching coach and general baseball instructor. He is well-liked by his students who all agree: his instruction is the best you can get in the greater Chicago area.


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