Randy Dunnett on How to be a Good Hitter

Just like pitching, going to bat is also a scenario that transcends into all kinds of real life scenarios. When a batter goes to the plate, all the eyes are on him and he is expected to perform to the crowd’s satisfaction. The pressure can be overwhelming for many and cause them to strike out. But for those that can deal with the pressure, they are more likely to be better off at bat, and in life, than many others.

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Stay Focused

Don’t be distracted by the small stuff. The element of a crowd’s cheer, the brightness of the overhead lights and the rude comments from the catcher don’t matter. All that matters is hitting that ball when you are supposed to hit it, and hitting it well. Randy Dunnett often teaches batting lessons as if learning to swing a bat at a ball is just as vital as learning to swim. No one can force you to do it, but if you don’t try then you will definitely sink.

Handle Pressure

When the bases are loaded and it’s the bottom of the 8th, you have been set up for success and all you have to do is hit the ball. This is much easier said than done; not only are baseball pitchers trained to throw difficult pitches, but the extra amounts of pressure piling up from the anxiety of the crowd and the need to please your teammates can easily distract you from the number one reason you are up on bat: to hit the ball. In order to be a good hitter, you need to be able to tune everything else out and just take the swing. Even if you miss, which will happen sometimes, you will have the reassurance that you tried your best and that the rest was up to your competitor. Which brings us to the next point….

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