Randy Dunnett on How to Be a Good Pitcher


As a man who has been deeply involved with the game of baseball his whole life, Randy Dunnett believes there is more to simple rudiment to being a good pitcher. There are also certain life skills that one must have in order to read the situation properly and execute in a way that disorients the opponent without confusing the catcher or other fellow teammates.  Below, he shares some of these tactics and explains how they have a universal appeal that can be leveraged in a number of different situations.

Have Some Speed

A number one powerful fastball is the number one thing that any scout looks for in a pitcher. Many pitchers master this skill by learning to maximize the energy that’s transmitted from their waist to their shoulder, and back down to their wrist. Learning to channel your energy is a skill that many leverage in their professional or creative lives. Maximizing the results through being resourceful is another skill that helps people outsource solutions to everyday problems.

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