Randy Dunnett’s Baseball Comeback

Randy Dunnett stands as a role model for those who think that their age will keep them from making achievements in the things they love. As someone who had always wanted to play professional baseball throughout his life, his decision to go into coaching after a few years after playing for the Cook County Cheetahs set him apart from engaging in the sport he loved most.

For Randy, he was just building on career skills, and knew that he would one day step back onto the plate. And in 2007, he got that chance and proved the world that people can continue to live their dreams even when they get a little sidetracked.

But that’s exactly what he did. After graduating from Belmont University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 1999, he returned back to Illinois to play in the Frontier League. He was a star player on the Cook County Cheetahs, where he performed very well before hanging up his cleats after two years on the team.

He started coaching then, and doing private instruction as well. Throughout the next five years he worked on his coaching and saved enough money to open his own business, Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex, which opened its doors in 2005.

Randy Dunnett would get his chance to get back on the field in 2007, when the Schaumburg Flyers needed an extra man for the last 20 games of their season. He stepped in and performed well, as a reminder to all that dreams can be kept alive so long as the beholder practices some self-belief.


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