Randy Dunnett Keeps the Uniform On

Randy Dunnett has been devoted to the game of baseball his entire life. As a player, he has a long list of experience on a number of different teams that have helped him tune his skills as he returned the favor with helping lead these teams to a number of victories. Below, he shares his experiences with each team and how they helped shape him into who he is today.


When attending both South Suburban Community College and Belmont University, Randy Dunnett made his name known as an incredible baseball player. His talent caught the attention of many fans and scouts who came to the area. Throughout the entire pursuit of his four-year business degree, he played baseball for his school teams.

Cook County Cheetahs

Right after he graduated college, he signed on to play with the Cook County Cheetahs. This Frontier League team had risen in talentfrom years prior when it was in the Heartland League, and were bumped up to Frontier League as a result of their playoff performances. He played with the team for two years before going on a playing hiatus and embracing coaching.

Schaumburg Flyers

In 2007, Randy Dunnett was called back to the plate so he could help fill in a spot for the Schaumburg Flyers. Their roster had fallen one man short with twenty games left in the season. Randy was the man for the job, and both parties benefitted from him joining the team.


To this day, Randy Dunnett is still suiting up regularly to play his favorite sport. He has been in the Chicago Central Men’s Senior Baseball League since 2006. He has participated in national tournaments in Las Vegas, NV, Jupiter, FL and many more.


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