Randy Dunnett as a Player

Randy Dunnett is a person who has selflessly devoted his life to the advancement of the sport of baseball. He has a lifetime of experience in spectating, most of a lifetime of experience in playing, and a little over a decade coaching.

As the founder of the Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex and co-founder of the Force Elite Baseball Club, Randy Dunnett has plenty of playing experience in his back pocket that he leverages when working with the future talent of Chicago baseball players and honing their potential to become professionals like himself.


He has played baseball ever since he had the strength to swing a bat. The little leagues followed shortly after that, and then there were middle school and high school teams.

Randy Dunnett went on to play at the collegiate level both for South Suburban Community College and Belmont University, where his talent gained much attention from the fans and scouts who came to watch games.

After he had graduated from college, he joined the Cook County Cheetahs for two years before going on a hiatus to embrace coaching.

He then got a call from the Schaumburg Flyers in 2007, as they needed an extra man to fill the roster for their last 20 games that season.

As a player in Chicago Central’s Men’s Senior Baseball League, which he is still a part of today. Collectively, he has played hundreds of games in a number of different leagues. He has also participated in national tournaments in Las Vegas, NV, Jupiter, FL and many more.


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