Randy Dunnett as a Coach

Randy Dunnett is someone who has always looked for ways to keep the sport of baseball a consistent and significant part of his annual life. The only other passion in his life that paralleled his development in baseball was his love for education. It was in these two interests that he came up with the idea of coaching. Coaches are responsible for the training of America’s future talent. While it took a swallowing of pride to engage in coaching from the star, Dunnett has learned that through this medium he is enabled to have an impact on the future, which is a responsibility he does not take lightly.

Jack Perconte Sports

His first coaching gig was with Jack Perconte Sports, where he worked for about five years before opening the Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex. He gained much valuable experience from his affiliation from this organization, which steered him towards a new stage in his career.

Windy City Thunderbolts

As a pitching coach for the Windy City Thunderbolts, he boosted the performances of the team’s pitcher and catcher through helping them enhance communication skills and build chemistry while also enhancing their own physical abilities.

Force Elite Baseball Club

As a product of the multitude of baseball players who train at Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex, Randy Dunnett(sport person) started to build teams that eventually developed into a program of its own. With so many elite players together in one club, the potential for increasing performance in these kids goes beyond the expectations of many.


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