Randy Dunnett – A Lifetime of Success


Randy Dunnett has devoted his entire life to the sport of baseball, and using that passion as a way to better the world through coaching and offering opportunities for young people to train in a state of the art facility. Throughout his career he had always found ways to use baseball as a medium for inspiring others. He has been a huge role model to inner-city Chicago youth and has used his athletic prowess to boot the common good. Below, he shares his experiences and explains how one person can change the world just through pursuing the thing they love most.

 Baseball Player

Randy Dunnett’s obsession with baseball started from the bleachers, when he went to games with his family as a kid. One he was old and strong enough to swing a bat and catch a ball, it was hard to get the glove off his hands. He dreamt of becoming a pro one day, and it became true after years of playing in the collegiate arena. He signed with the Cook County Cheetahs in the Frontier League for two years, where he was a star player. And still at a relatively young age, he had gotten enough of a bite of hit dream to feel good about taking the next step.

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Baseball Coach

As a baseball coach Randy Dunnett was given a more active role in influencing younger players. He connected with many of his players and started to feel god about taking on coaching as a full-time job. He saw the benefits of being able to contribute to the future of the sport through helping its future stars hone their talents. He started his coaching career with Jack Perconte Sports Academy, and then went on to become a pitching coach for the Windy City Thunderbolts. Now, he coaches teams for Force Elite Baseball Club.

Business Owner

The summation of Randy Dunnett’s career can be best explained through the tremendous success of Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex. He started the business in 2004 and it took off as a community hub for soccer and baseball training. Neighborhood kids take advantage of the large and well-maintained facility, and Randy Dunnett embraces the opportunity to be a positive influence on their lives while sharing his favorite sport with them.


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