Randy Dunnett is a Role Model

Randy Dunnet’s story is one that is not only influential in itself, but also reflects a history of what he has done to inspire others to become their absolute best. As a lifelong baseball enthusiast, he has found ways to make his chosen medium a vessel for inspiring youth. His extensive experience in the sport has helped him discover new ways to reach out to others on and off the field.


In college, he played for both of his school teams at South Suburban Community College and Belmont University. He gained a reputation on these teams as a natural leader who was likable and talented. These traits gave him leverage when working to inspire other players to reach their full potential. As a strong team and confidence builder, he left his mark on these teams by leaving behind players who were inspired by his enthusiasm and faith in their abilities.

After playing in the collegiate arena, Randy Dunnett then went on to play in the Frontier League for a while before deciding that coaching was his next big chance to inspire others. He took a job as pitching coach for the Windy City Thunderbolts, and developed the skills needed to coach players when they are under pressure.


Once he had gained the credentials and necessary funding, Randy Dunnett opened the Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex, a training facility meant to raise baseball’s next big stars. As a way to encourage those to follow their dreams as well as get off the streets, Dunnett is especially proud of the results his business has provided.


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