Randy Dunnett, Team Player and Team Coach

Randy Dunnett is the co-owner of Force Elite Baseball Club, LLC out of Chicago, Illinois, where he helps young players and teams develop their skills.  It’s been a long and exciting road for Dunnett.  He is a former professional baseball player and how he got to own a sports complex in West Chicago is an interesting story. He started playing baseball as a youth from his first little league teams, it was clear that Dunnett was different.  He was driven and learned quickly.

He was a respected and feared pitcher during his youth, playing all the way on up to his high school days where many a hot spring day was spent on the practice field and on the sandy diamonds of baseball fields all around the Chicago metropolitan area.

Dunnett went on to play college ball for two years at South Suburban College (SSC), and later for two more years at Belmont University, where he earned a degree in Business Administration.  From his career as an amateur his first action was to take up a contract playing professional baseball for a minor league team.  He spent two years playing on that team in a very competitive run that saw the team face off with some of the best teams in the entire state and many teams from outside the state.

Dunnett was known for being a great hitter with great power, but mainly as a tremendous pitcher.  Standing at six feet tall and 175 lbs. he was not the most physically dominant player, but he was a dominant player that made every inch and pound count.

He was known for his accuracy, tremendous power and control of the game.  That’s what happens when you immerse yourself fully into such a goal and Dunnett had that special edge it takes to be a successful pitcher in the pro game.

He became a coach by circumstance when he took up an interest in coaching as a private instructor at Jack Perconte Sports Academy in Naperville, Illinois. Randy Dunnett taught there for four years before opening the Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex in West Chicago in 2004. In 2011, he span off an effort has known as The Force Elite Baseball Club from Finish Strong.

There he coaches player and teams in the game of baseball with all the passion and drive that he had for his own career.  Over the years he has coached many prominent players across the spectrum in the game he loves so much.


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