Training with Randy Dunnett

Randy Dunnett is a highly recognized professional baseball coach and trainer out of the great city of Chicago, Illinois.  His entire life has revolved around the sport of baseball. Naturally, he is a fan of the sport of the professional level and has been since he was a young child.  He was also once a professional baseball player that played for a number of years in the minor leagues.

He found his calling at the tail end of his original playing career when he started coaching and working with emerging talent.  With the knack to work with students becoming clear, he knew early on that this was his future.

He has gone on to be a great coach in every regard, with a seasoned knowledge of the sport that comes from a variety of angles and years of experience. That experience has enabled him to create spectacular training programs at his training facility, Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex which he founded in 2004.

randy dunnett

Training, studying, coaching, repeat – that’s the cycle that he applies each and every day with the people that he trains.  He drives the fire in each student with excellence in the foundation of his program, from the skills, the fundamentals and onward to the finer points of the game.

Each student is given the tools, environment and coaching they need to achieve the goals they are after. Randy Dunnett focuses on the importance of highly refined training in his programs, isolating the things that need improvement the most yet maintaining the integrity of what each student does well through hard work, repetition and fundamental skills.


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