Randy Dunnett is Living the Dream

Ever since he was a young child, Randy Dunnett dreamed of playing baseball. From the time he could first pick up a ball, then a bat, he focused on his dream to play at an elite level and winning.
That passion in his early days drove him to practice, perform and invest in his baseball skills throughout his life. As a young man growing up in the Chicago Illinois area, he excelled on a number of times as an ace right handed pitcher and also as a powerful hitter.
He worked hard to develop his skills by studying the game, working with the best and never giving up on his dream. He was always pushing to get to the next level and he worked his way up from the little league to playing for primary schools, high schools and on to the college ranks. His first two years in college he played at South Suburban University.

Randy Dunnett is a Role Model

Randy Dunnet’s story is one that is not only influential in itself, but also reflects a history of what he has done to inspire others to become their absolute best. As a lifelong baseball enthusiast, he has found ways to make his chosen medium a vessel for inspiring youth. His extensive experience in the sport has helped him discover new ways to reach out to others on and off the field.


In college, he played for both of his school teams at South Suburban Community College and Belmont University. He gained a reputation on these teams as a natural leader who was likable and talented. These traits gave him leverage when working to inspire other players to reach their full potential. As a strong team and confidence builder, he left his mark on these teams by leaving behind players who were inspired by his enthusiasm and faith in their abilities.

After playing in the collegiate arena, Randy Dunnett then went on to play in the Frontier League for a while before deciding that coaching was his next big chance to inspire others. He took a job as pitching coach for the Windy City Thunderbolts, and developed the skills needed to coach players when they are under pressure.


Once he had gained the credentials and necessary funding, Randy Dunnett opened the Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex, a training facility meant to raise baseball’s next big stars. As a way to encourage those to follow their dreams as well as get off the streets, Dunnett is especially proud of the results his business has provided.

Randy Dunnett as a Coach

Randy Dunnett is someone who has always looked for ways to keep the sport of baseball a consistent and significant part of his annual life. The only other passion in his life that paralleled his development in baseball was his love for education. It was in these two interests that he came up with the idea of coaching. Coaches are responsible for the training of America’s future talent. While it took a swallowing of pride to engage in coaching from the star, Dunnett has learned that through this medium he is enabled to have an impact on the future, which is a responsibility he does not take lightly.

Jack Perconte Sports

His first coaching gig was with Jack Perconte Sports, where he worked for about five years before opening the Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex. He gained much valuable experience from his affiliation from this organization, which steered him towards a new stage in his career.

Windy City Thunderbolts

As a pitching coach for the Windy City Thunderbolts, he boosted the performances of the team’s pitcher and catcher through helping them enhance communication skills and build chemistry while also enhancing their own physical abilities.

Force Elite Baseball Club

As a product of the multitude of baseball players who train at Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex, Randy Dunnett(sport person) started to build teams that eventually developed into a program of its own. With so many elite players together in one club, the potential for increasing performance in these kids goes beyond the expectations of many.

Randy Dunnett as a Player

Randy Dunnett is a person who has selflessly devoted his life to the advancement of the sport of baseball. He has a lifetime of experience in spectating, most of a lifetime of experience in playing, and a little over a decade coaching.

As the founder of the Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex and co-founder of the Force Elite Baseball Club, Randy Dunnett has plenty of playing experience in his back pocket that he leverages when working with the future talent of Chicago baseball players and honing their potential to become professionals like himself.


He has played baseball ever since he had the strength to swing a bat. The little leagues followed shortly after that, and then there were middle school and high school teams.

Randy Dunnett went on to play at the collegiate level both for South Suburban Community College and Belmont University, where his talent gained much attention from the fans and scouts who came to watch games.

After he had graduated from college, he joined the Cook County Cheetahs for two years before going on a hiatus to embrace coaching.

He then got a call from the Schaumburg Flyers in 2007, as they needed an extra man to fill the roster for their last 20 games that season.

As a player in Chicago Central’s Men’s Senior Baseball League, which he is still a part of today. Collectively, he has played hundreds of games in a number of different leagues. He has also participated in national tournaments in Las Vegas, NV, Jupiter, FL and many more.

Randy Dunnett Keeps the Uniform On

Randy Dunnett has been devoted to the game of baseball his entire life. As a player, he has a long list of experience on a number of different teams that have helped him tune his skills as he returned the favor with helping lead these teams to a number of victories. Below, he shares his experiences with each team and how they helped shape him into who he is today.


When attending both South Suburban Community College and Belmont University, Randy Dunnett made his name known as an incredible baseball player. His talent caught the attention of many fans and scouts who came to the area. Throughout the entire pursuit of his four-year business degree, he played baseball for his school teams.

Cook County Cheetahs

Right after he graduated college, he signed on to play with the Cook County Cheetahs. This Frontier League team had risen in talentfrom years prior when it was in the Heartland League, and were bumped up to Frontier League as a result of their playoff performances. He played with the team for two years before going on a playing hiatus and embracing coaching.

Schaumburg Flyers

In 2007, Randy Dunnett was called back to the plate so he could help fill in a spot for the Schaumburg Flyers. Their roster had fallen one man short with twenty games left in the season. Randy was the man for the job, and both parties benefitted from him joining the team.


To this day, Randy Dunnett is still suiting up regularly to play his favorite sport. He has been in the Chicago Central Men’s Senior Baseball League since 2006. He has participated in national tournaments in Las Vegas, NV, Jupiter, FL and many more.

Randy Dunnett’s Baseball Comeback

Randy Dunnett stands as a role model for those who think that their age will keep them from making achievements in the things they love. As someone who had always wanted to play professional baseball throughout his life, his decision to go into coaching after a few years after playing for the Cook County Cheetahs set him apart from engaging in the sport he loved most.

For Randy, he was just building on career skills, and knew that he would one day step back onto the plate. And in 2007, he got that chance and proved the world that people can continue to live their dreams even when they get a little sidetracked.

But that’s exactly what he did. After graduating from Belmont University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 1999, he returned back to Illinois to play in the Frontier League. He was a star player on the Cook County Cheetahs, where he performed very well before hanging up his cleats after two years on the team.

He started coaching then, and doing private instruction as well. Throughout the next five years he worked on his coaching and saved enough money to open his own business, Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex, which opened its doors in 2005.

Randy Dunnett would get his chance to get back on the field in 2007, when the Schaumburg Flyers needed an extra man for the last 20 games of their season. He stepped in and performed well, as a reminder to all that dreams can be kept alive so long as the beholder practices some self-belief.