Randy Dunnett, Coaching to the Max

Randy Dunnett is a respected coach in the game of baseball that is based in Chicago Illinois and the area that surrounds that great city.  From the earliest days that he can recall, he knew he wanted to be in and around the game of baseball.  From the moment that he could pick up a bat, he was hooked.
As soon as he could swing that bat, he was off and competing.  From that point on, he poured himself fully into the game, learning and soaking up everything that he could about each position that he played without any reservations.

Randy Dunnett and Baseball Tonight

Randy Dunnett has been devoted to the game of baseball his entire life. Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Dunnett has basically devoted every spare moment possible to the game that he loves so much. He was a successful youth player, a successful high school player, a successful collegiate player and a successful professional.

Since 2001, he has excelled as a specialist in baseball training with his association of coaching for a number of organizations and through the founding of a sports complex, followed by the founding of an elite focused sports training group in 2011.

As a player, Dunnett holds a long list of experiences that have helped him tune his skills as he returned the favor with helping lead these teams to a number of victories. In turn, those life’s lessons of excellent baseball in every respect and every level he encountered has been a tremendous experience for him.

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Randy Dunnett has Left the Building

Randy Dunnett is one of those good old fashioned American success stories or perhaps the story of the little boy who wanted to do something all his life and got to live that dream one day. His is a story that is not only influential on its own, but also reflects a history of what he has done to inspire others to become their absolute best through his training. Dunnett has been an enthusiast of baseball all his life. As a lifelong baseball enthusiast he has worked hard to perfect and refine his craft. To those ends, he has developed ways to maximize the potential in each player.

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Randy Dunnett –Blood, Sweat and Baseball

Chicago Illinois area native Randy Dunnett is a professional in the world of baseball. He is currently a coach in the midst of a successful career where he has worked with a countless amount of stars at all levels of competition. He most certainly has been a fan of the game all of his life, from the time that he was a little boy. Growing up in Chicago, it wasn’t hard to be a fan of the city’s legendary Major League Baseball teams and their legacies. He has devoted his entire life to the game and has advanced his personal commitment to levels that few would even think about.

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Randy Dunnett, Retirement and Comeback

Randy Dunnett is a successful former baseball player and a current baseball coach and trainer. He has been involved with the game of baseball all his life and it’s the allure and passion for the game that has kept him in it for all of these years.

Speaking to that passion, Dunnett had the fortune of not only playing the game, but enjoying the benefits of a distinctly American folk tale: the comeback. Everybody loves a comeback story, the good guy comes back and shines again and Dunnett lived that story in his own professional playing career.


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Randy Dunnett – That Baseball Coach


Randy Dunnett is a well-known baseball coach. He had an enviable career playing America’s favorite sports pastime at the professional level. Today, Dunnett has changed over to the role of coaching and working with youth as a positive influence and sports advisor. He has helped all kinds of players that have come through his tutorship, and he has also worked with entire teams to help improve their play.

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Randy Dunnett is Living the Dream

Ever since he was a young child, Randy Dunnett dreamed of playing baseball. From the time he could first pick up a ball, then a bat, he focused on his dream to play at an elite level and winning.
That passion in his early days drove him to practice, perform and invest in his baseball skills throughout his life. As a young man growing up in the Chicago Illinois area, he excelled on a number of times as an ace right handed pitcher and also as a powerful hitter.
He worked hard to develop his skills by studying the game, working with the best and never giving up on his dream. He was always pushing to get to the next level and he worked his way up from the little league to playing for primary schools, high schools and on to the college ranks. His first two years in college he played at South Suburban University.