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Pro Baseball with Randy Dunnett

Randy Dunnett is a professional in the world of baseball. He has dedicated his entire life to the game. From the time he was a small child and participated in games on various little league teams across his native city of Chicago, he has been on a mission to make baseball the central goal of his personal life and professional career.

Throughout a successful run as a primary school, junior high, high school and collegiate player, he was known for his incredible dedication and game time performance as a right handed pitcher as well as a power hitter. He went on to study and play for South Suburban College (SSC) for two years, where he played against many teams from throughout the area. Following this run at SSC, he attended and played baseball at Belmont University for the 1998 and 1999 seasons.

During this stretch he played against many of the best from around the state and beyond the state with many strikes to his credit. Following that dominant performance at the college level, in 1999 he signed with the Cook County Cheetahs (also known as the Windy City Thunderbolts). There he began his professional career in the game he loves so much. He spent two seasons on the roster Cook County and then retired in 2001.

At this time he found that he was a great coach and has had a tremendous run of elite coaching and training opportunities with some of the best athletes, teams and groups in the country. Dunnett made a brief professional comeback when he signed on with the Schaumburg Flyers for the final 20 games of the 2007 season.

Dunnett opened Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex as the General Manager in 2005 and has since emerged as the co-owner of Force Elite Baseball. Over all these years, he has worked with thousands of athletes ranging from youth to professionals in attaining their performance skills in the game of baseball.


Randy Dunnett, Chicago Native

Chicago native Randy Dunnett is closely tied with the Windy City. Not only was he raised in the greater Chicago area, he grew up playing baseball at just about every level possible throughout his life. As a youth, he excelled quickly as a little league player.
Randy Dunnett – Coaching All The Way
Randy Dunnett first started coaching baseball when he was at Jack Perconte Sports, where he was a baseball instructor for four years. Then in 2004 he seized …
He applied himself with a dedication and vision for a future in baseball at an early age. In grade school, junior high and eventually high school, he improved through the ranks as a right handed pitcher and excellent power hitter over the years. He went on to play baseball at junior college South Suburban College (SSC) for 2 years. Dunnett then played for another two years at the college level at Belmont University. There he was known as a leader, as an exemplary student athlete and as a model citizen.

Randy Dunnett – Coaching is Great

Randy Dunnett got his first experience in coaching baseball with Jack Perconte Sports back in 2000.  At the time he was a player himself in between his two professional minor league baseball seasons. He served as a baseball instructor there for four years.
Then the Windy City Thunderbolts came calling, looking for a pitching coach. This was his old team and he couldn’t say no, so he took the chance and joined up. A year later Randy Dunnett founded the Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex in suburban Chicago, and things have never been the same since then.

Randy Dunnett-Field of Dreams

Randy Dunnett,baseball coach

Randy Dunnett is a lifelong fan and participant in America’s sports pastime, baseball. Not only has he been deeply involved with the game of baseball his whole life, Dunnett continues to participate in the sport by coaching teams and youth from across the greater Chicago area. His personal playing career was in the role of a pitcher.

As a right-handed pitcher, he dominated with a consistently remarkable ERA and win record, and he shares that information about those experiences with his numerous students.A lot of being a great pitcher comes down to mechanics, the finer things about a pitcher’s game that makes a pitch consistent, controlled and everything it can be for a baseball team.

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Randy Dunnett – He Done It (Baseball)!

Randy Dunnett is a successful former professional baseball player who has been coaching professionally since 2000 and is based in Chicago, IL.  He coaches many youth and numerous teams on the finer elements of the sport, helping them achieve the success that they have envisioned for themselves through great coaching and athletic training.
Dunnett is the co-owner of Force Elite Baseball, LLC. and he is also the founder of Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex. These established baseball training avenues are where he continues to reach out to the emerging player, helping them hone their skills and mindset for the game.